How to Achieve Better SEO Results in 2019

Achieve Better SEO Results This Year

No other advantage could bring better results to an online business than good SEO. Good SEO means being able to connect to customers more quickly, and the shorter process of being found using relevant keywords, the better off for the business.

But what makes good SEO in 2019 and beyond? What makes Google, the kingmaker of the Internet, tick? Here are just some of the things to think about this year suggested by as you unroll new strategies to make your website more suitable for marketing online.


  1. Being relevant in your niche.

SEO Relevence

Relevancy is a big factor in getting ranked high in searches and while we cannot tell you exactly how Google does, we do have a good idea as to what factors come into play during the ranking process: the location of the person making the search, search history, Web habits, when the search is carried out, etc.

Location, geo-tagging are now playing a huge role in refining searches, so that people who are looking for business establishments and local businesses will not have to sift through irrelevant search results from other countries, or even other states.

Of course, there would still be universally top ranked results (such as carousel links and Wikipedia entries) but overall, local search marketing has actually gotten easier because Google is honing in on local search results more and more.

If you have a business that focuses on a particular city, town or state, now would be a great time to rethink how you are presenting content as you may be missing out on local searches that should have been finding your business but aren’t because your content has not been optimized for your target location.


  1. Content quality is number one

SEO quality content

Content quality is more than just getting grammar right. Google’s Rankbrain machine learning system takes into consideration different signals to determine the usefulness and relevance of a website to a particular search.

In order to determine if your content is up to spec with what is considered useful content for people right now, take the following guide questions into consideration:

– Are you writing with a specific audience in mind and not the search engine itself?

– What makes your content stand out from your competition?

– Would you share your own content?

– What makes your content unique?

– What makes your content something that people would want to read or visit over and over again?

– How much time do you spend creating content?

– How much of your budget do you dedicate to creating good content?

Years ago, there was this huge belief that you don’t have to spend a lot for content, that all you needed to do was spin content and you will get results.

This bad habit came about because Google’s algorithms were focused on keywords and keyword volume and not relevancy and usefulness of the content to the actual users. So there was actually a time when people were complaining of poor quality content when they did searches on Google.

Now Google wants all of that to change. There’s no longer any reason or webmasters to spin bad content or fluff filled with keywords, because Google will automatically blast that type of content from search results.

Google’s message is clear – that if you want to profit from being seen on Google, you need to put the user experience first before anything else.

Then there’s the issue of snippets versus longer form content. Longer form content is just as it sounds – content with more bones and muscle than the usual content that barely tackles the subject at hand.

In order to get more meat into your articles, it might be helpful if you could add more words to it – around 2,000 words per article or blog post would be ideal. This might be a far cry from the usual 500 words that webmasters are used to, but the battle for better content is really reaching fever pitch nowadays.

  1. User experience

 enhance user experience

User experience can be measured in a variety of ways, but let’s focus on the user experience for mobile users. It’s been estimated that 80% of Google’s searches now come from mobile devices, and suffice to say, that’s enough proof to show that the Web is now moving away from PCs and Macs and into the tiny screens of mobile devices and tablet PCs.

Take a good look at your website when it is loaded from an iPhone or Android device and ask yourself: is it easy to use my website when loaded on a mobile device? If you are struggling with the navigation and you can’t read most of the content, then the answer is a big NO, it’s not ready for the mobile revolution.

You don’t really have a choice when your website isn’t mobile ready. Either you make the necessary upgrades to make it ready for mobile devices, or you have to put up with being ignored by Google’s algorithms. There has also been a big change in how Google ranks pages.

Google’s mobile first policy now shows the mobile versions of websites first no matter what machine is doing the query. This makes a lot of sense actually because mobile versions of websites load more quickly and if there is a desktop version, the user can just switch to the “web” or desktop version of the website to get the bells and whistles.

Half a decade ago, people were smirking that they had to adjust their websites so they would be more mobile-friendly. Everyone was still preoccupied with keywords (and keyword stuffing) that they didn’t realize that the technology has moved on, but their technology has been left behind.

If you were one of these marketers, it’s essential that you change your mindset and focused on how people would actually perceive your website, rather than just making changes on your website to please Google’s search engine. Because if your website is truly useful and people are visiting it constantly, the search engine giant will notice it almost immediately and rank it higher.

Why Sell Your Diamond Jewelry to a Pawn Shop?

Open up your vanity dresser, what do you see? If you have jewelry that hasn’t been used for years and it’s sitting there collecting dust, then you may want to consider selling it for profit. The best place for you to sell your diamond jewelry would be a pawn shop that specializes in jewelry. is well-known for specializing in jewelry.

If you need some reasons to sell your diamond jewelry to a local pawn shop, continue reading this article to see what we have to say …

Get Fast Money on a Collateral Loan

Whether or not you want to sell your diamond jewelry is a personal decision. However, if you really don’t want to let go of your diamonds, but you need fast cash, then you could choose to take out a collateral loan at a pawn shop.

Here’s how it works …

pawnYou take your diamond jewelry to the pawn shop and have them look it over. They’ll come up with a price. If you need a little bit more money, feel free to ask for more. However, in order to get that merchandise back, you will be required to pay the money you borrowed back, along with any fees and interest that was added to it.

You will be given a certain amount of time to pay the loan back. Depending on the pawn shop, the time will vary between 1-3 months. Once you have paid all of the money back, the item will be handed back over to you – you can pawn it at a later date if you choose.

However, if you do not pay the money back on time, you will not get the item back and the pawnbroker will be allowed to sell your diamonds. If you fail to pay the loan back, you will not have to worry about it damaging your credit – there will be no strikes on it. In fact, when you pawn or sell an item to a pawn shop, they don’t even do a credit check

Get Fast Cash

Another reason for you to sell your diamonds to the local pawn shops would be because you get fast cash. If the diamond ring you have had no sentimental value to it, and it has been sitting in your jewelry box for years untouched, then why not go ahead and part ways with it?  By selling your diamonds over taking out a collateral loan, you could end up getting more money.

When you choose to sell your diamonds to the pawn shop, you will have leverage to negotiate with the pawnbroker – it would be a good idea to see what your diamonds are worth, before you take them to a pawn shop.


If you have some emotional baggage sitting there sparkling, then why not take them to your local pawn shop and get some money out of it? The pawn shop is a great place to go when you need some extra money for unexpected expenses.

A Patch For This And A Patch For That:

What they are and where to procure them

When people hear the word patches, the first thing that comes to mind is a small piece of fabric on top of another fabric. In a way, that is true. Patches are made from small pieces of fabric. Another idea when people hear the word patch is that it is a badge of achievement and membership. This is especially true among boy scouts and men in the army. For boy scouts, they have patches made as a badge of achievement such as survival patches, civil service patches and so on. One can see the accumulated patches arranged on their vests or sashes as proof of their success.


For military men, patches serve as an indicator of the special unit they belong to. By the late 80s and 90s, patches had become fashion must haves for teenagers. These patches would depict their favorite sports team, pop culture icons and even cultural fandoms such as Star Trek and KISS.

Most patches were made either by embroidery or stamped on. And they were attached either by Velcro or by iron on backing.

The most popular patches are iron on patches, due to its ability to have the patch attached seamlessly on the medium. And it’s quite easy to attach because it requires a simple iron. The patch is laid on the garment and then covered with a thin, damp towel. Then the iron is placed on the towel for half a minute to attach the patch to the fabric.

Believe it or not, iron on patches can double as giveaways and even collectibles. So where can we get these patches?

We specialize in creating customized patches for people who like to show their achievements in a very subtle manner. We make them in minimum orders of 10 pieces and so on.
Having custom iron on patches made is quite easy. Just follow our simple steps. The first step is design. A custom patch won’t really be a custom patch if it wasn’t made uniquely. Patch designs can be made either by sketching or in fully rendered looks. They can even be an amalgamation of two icons. Whatever the design, what makes the patch is what it means to the user.

The second step is choosing the embroidery. Our package allows seven free colored threads. Afterwards, we give them free control on how the embroidery is done. They can have the patch fully embroidered or partially embroidered. After all, we put the custom in customers.

The next step is sizing. Because these are custom patches, they can be as big as big as cans or small as a wallet size photo. The patches can also be made in various shapes. We offer our clients the choice to have the patches shaped like circles, star or even stenciled out designs. The possibilities are endless.

The next step is choosing the backing. We have a wide range of patch backing to choose from. We have tape backing, which is a great choice if a person needs a quick change for their outfits; button loop backing, which allows patches to hang on either a button or a lanyard and of course iron on backing for iron on patches.

The next step is to choose whether the patches have borders. These are designed to keep the threads in line as well as show a detailed and clean look. The standard border is the marrow border, which gives the patch and simple, but classic look. The other option is the hot cut edge, which gives intricately detailed patches a sharper look.


We also offer additional patch options such as the use of metallic threads for those conversation starters and additional thread colors. We aim to supply our clients with varied options.

The best part of our service is that we offer free costing. Once our clients are sure of their patch specifications, they simply fill up a request form with the necessary details as well as patch design. Then we receive the form, review it and immediately send it back to them with the complete cost options.

This is done so that our clients can see the total cost of the design and whether or not they will opt for a different look or accept it. We want our clients to be truly satisfied with both the service we provide as well as the patches they will soon own.

We believe that having custom patches such as the popular iron on patches are the best and most subtle way of showing one’s achievements in certain endeavors, membership into a prestigious organization or merely declaring their affinity for a particular culture. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction as well as excellent and high quality workmanship. There is no patch too small or too big for the job. We welcome the challenge.


If you are designing any custom patches, so we help you by patches4less todesign your patches made are quite easy.


In organizing a conference, seminar or any event, choosing the right speaker is a challenging task. Organizers need to have a pool of potential keynote speakers to choose from. The speaker to be invited must be appropriate to the event being planned. Several factors are also considered in choosing the best speaker. Popularity is not enough for an individual to qualify as a speaker. A person needs to have expertise and thorough knowledge of a particular field. Unfortunately, not all field experts and professionals are good at public speaking. They are overwhelmed by the pressures of delivering a talk. The character or personality of the speaker is also important. The person must be comfortable in giving a speech in front of a large number of people.

Many professionals and companies would like to determine the traits that good keynote speakers possess. Certainly, professionals would like to develop the art of public speaking. Primarily to hone their speaking skills and to increase their marketability chances. Also, companies would love to hire the best public speaker in town.

If a person has a desire to be a public speaker, he has to show confidence in front of the audience. In order to do so, the speaker needs to be comfortable with his self. This way the audience will also be more comfortable with the speaker. Remember, the participants will easily know if the speaker talks from the heart or forced to do so.

Good Keynote Speakers

The speaker has to know his audience

He needs to have an idea on who will be participating in his seminar or convention. The speaker can research the details personally or he can ask the event organizers for information. This will help the speaker in deciding how to approach his audience and the manner of delivering his talk during the event.

Proper voice modulation is also important. Although most conventions and seminars provide microphones, having this skill is advantageous. The participants will hear and understood the speech of the speaker clearly. This helps the audience focus on the speaker’s talk until the very end.

Keynote speakers should also learn how to vary the tone and volume of their voices when delivering a speech

One of the reasons people get bored during seminars is the speaker’s monotonous voice. By giving a variety of pacing during talks, it will keep the convention or seminar interesting and lively. Keep in mind that timing is crucial in this technique. It may serve its purpose or ruin the whole scenario.

Keynote Speakers

Sharing anecdotes or personal experiences during talks and speeches will create rapport with the audience. Citing personal observations will allow the audience feel that the speaker is humble. This way, many people can easily relate with the speaker. Being humorous, witty and charismatic in some ways will keep the seminar lively. It makes a seminar more enjoyable and relaxed. This will also generate more active participation among the audience.

The public knows that a speaker is invited to give a talk in conventions because of his vast experience in a particular field. Having said that is not an excuse to be complacent in delivering speech or talks. Preparing for the topics to be discussed should always be a-must.

Keynote speakers have a big responsibility yet they still feel joyous towards the job. A person is given a chance to share his expertise and educate others. Many speakers feel rewarded after giving seminars because of the satisfaction that they gain knowing they are able to help others.
Tremendous hard work and dedication are needed if a person wants to be one of the successful keynote speakers. It is not something that can be achieved overnight. Perseverance and hard work are essential in cultivating the skills of an effective speaker.

What Taylormade Golf Offers

Golf is an activity that’s known to be good for your health, especially for your heart. It makes you lose weight and stay fit. It gives your brain a mental challenge and stimulates your mind.
To have a great game, you have to have the best equipment and accessories. Where else do you get your Golf stuff other than TaylorMade Golf?

Read on to know more about the products that this company provides.


No, this isn’t the ‘driver’ who drives the vehicles. The driver is a kind of golf club that has the lowest loft. (The loft refers to the club face angle that affects distance and controls trajectory.) Drivers are meant to hit the ball the farthest.
Drivers are also referred to as 1-wood.


Rescue clubs, utility clubs, hybrid clubs… whatever you may call them, they all pertain to one thing: a cross between an iron and a fairway wood. It’s TaylorMade Golf that started the trend with the said rescue clubs a decade ago; now most golf companies manufacture them.

Taylormade Golf Club


The fairways are those clubs used by players for shots made from the fairway. These clubs, like drivers, have metal heads but they have smaller club heads and shorter shafts.
Fairway woods provide greater accuracy with a shorter driving range.


Wedges are those used to hit the ball and make it soar high into the air. The wedges are lofted higher compared to the other clubs.

  • Sand wedges are used to get balls out of tall grass and bunkers.
  • Lob wedges are picked out when the golf ball needs to rise fast in order to clear hazards yet not go a long distance.
  • Gap wedges allow golfers to take full swing and make the ball go about 110 yards.
  • Pitching wedges are used when the shot being made is about 130 yards to the green.

Golf sets usually come with pitching wedges; if you need other kinds of wedges, you have to purchase them separately.


Golfers usually use irons when the shot they need to make is shorter than 200 yards away from the green. If you’re closer to the green, then you need to use a higher iron.
The irons are numbered 1 to 9, 9 being the highest degree of loft.

  • Long irons are the 1-, 2- and 3- irons. They have little loft; hence, they can send the ball the farthest.
  • Middle irons are the 4-, 5- and 6- irons; you use them when the golf ball is about 150 to 170 yards away from the hole.
  • Short irons are those 7-, 8- and 9- irons that make the ball get to the air fast because of their loft.

The typical golf set will contain only the 3- to 9- irons as the 1- and 2- irons are the hardest to master.

Taylormade Golf


Putters are those that are used most of the time. Putters are used to roll the ball toward the hole on the green. They come in various sizes, and the standard putter is about 34-35 inches tall.
There are different putter styles: belly, short, center-hosel, bent, long, mallet, and heel-toe to name a few.

Golf Balls

For sure, you must have an idea on what a golf ball looks like – the be dimpled little white ball specially made for golf. All golf balls may seem alike, but there are actually different kinds of golf balls with their own purposes.

Golfers leave markings on their ball so they’d know which ball to hit. Some players even make multiple identifications in order to see which golf ball is theirs without having to get close to the ball and lift it.


Author Bio
Playing golf won’t be fun without the proper equipment. If you need TaylorMade golf balls, clubs or other accessories, you can go to RockBottomGolf.

Why students need to wear badge lanyards

Every school has its own version of badge lanyards. While many college students find it uncool to wear IDs in class, it is important for everyone who’s going in and out of the school premises to wear an item that can possibly help identify outsiders. For many different reasons, wearing lanyards that hold IDs has become a strict policy implemented in many colleges and universities. Students, they say, bring the name of their school wherever they go. True enough, many students appreciate wearing theirlanyard school lanyards more when they are outside the campus. This is rather evident on inter-school events such as sports leagues and academic competitions. Students tend to show their school pride more when there are battles against their rival schools. One of the items that students wear to support their schoolmates and show off their school pride is their school’s badge lanyards.

Through this simple item hanged around the neck, students and faculty could easily identify who the opponents are and who belongs to the team. Lanyards have been proven to be quite handy on events like this, especially for universities; they tend to have a large population, so it is hard to identify who belongs to the ‘cheering squad’ and who doesn’t. Wearing school lanyards could be very overwhelming, especially when the students come from a well-known school. Walking around streets and malls while wearing university lanyards is a surefire way of grabbing people’s attention.

Just imagine what students feel whenever they are being associated with a prestigious school; without a doubt, the feeling’s priceless. Apart from making ID laces an obvious sign of which school they came from, lanyards are also being used for campus security reasons. It is impossible for security personnel and for the school administration to recognize and memorize all their students’ faces. It would probably require a lot of time to get acquainted with all the students, especially in a large university population. Wearing badge lanyards as part of the school’s policy has become a very useful tool for recognizing students.

Many school administrators prefer that their students wear badge lanyards so
they can easily track the activities of students within and outside the school. If students wear lanyards, anyone around can easily identify whether a person is an intruder or not. Having obvious indicators of identification can help maintain the security of the faculty, staff, and students who go in and out of the school premises. Anyone who lacks this accessory can easily be seen and tracked. Safety is a critical part in every academic institution. This is why safety regulations should always be evaluated carefully. Consequently, administrators should plan different strategies on how they could maintain the safety and security of both students and the faculty.

Although the security benefits of a school lanyard are hardly recognized, it is incontestable that having a lanyard could help the faculty, administrators, security officers, and the students themselves to detect if there are trespassers inside the school’s property. Badge lanyards may seem to be an insignificant part of the school uniform. However, what students fail to recognize are the security benefits and identification advantages of having a lanyard.

This is most applicable to universities and schools without uniforms. If a student does not wear a uniform and an ID lanyard how else can they be easily recognized? Fortunately, many students now find ways to keep their IDs and lanyards with them. If one takes a stroll around a high school or college campus, it can be easily noticed that most students now use their lanyards to hold their room and car keys. This trend has gradually made wearing lanyards seem a little more important, as such accessories are no longer thought of mere ID holders.